women wallets brand purses female thin wallet

women wallets brand purses female thin wallet

new 2014 women wallets brand purses female thin wallet with zipper Coin Bag passport holder ID Card Case.
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Paypal ONLY! Pm me if you are interested! Storenvy link: http://cutecrafts007.storenvy.com/ Shipping for Canada and USA is starting from . International sh…
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26 Responses to “women wallets brand purses female thin wallet”

  1. Vladimir Lebiga says:
  2. alisha reinhardt says:

    omg i live in canada to what province do you live in, i live in ontario

  3. CrossStarful says:

    how can i get some

  4. blueducttape11 says:

    Wow u r really good:)

  5. CraftySaurus says:

    I got mines at Staples. They are called poly project pockets. But I also
    use the trading card sleeves. I got them at the dollar store, but they
    might be at places like Walmart. I hope this helps.

  6. AwaitedKawaii4L says:

    I love your wallets. they all have a very nice trim. and you lined it up to
    make it like one strip. so nice and clean

  7. Jacel Sanchez says:

    How much would it be to ship to the US

  8. nikki_here says:

    what plastic do you use??

  9. BrittleProductions says:

    How did you learn to make them? Or did you just figure it out yourself?

  10. teganhernandez says:

    Is this contest still going on and do u win something for free I don’t no
    how this whole thing works:)

  11. Ilovecupcakes414 says:

    Can I buy the Mario one

  12. CraftySaurus says:

    I got it from a trade, but you can find it at Target if you live in USA.

  13. lauryn scales says:

    Will u guys look at my channel check my videos I have a lot

  14. CraftySaurus says:

    I just watched tutorials on Youtube and then I created my own layouts too.

  15. Ducky Wallets says:

    please check out my videos and subscribe it would mean alot thanks hope you

  16. CraftySaurus says:

    They are 3 3/4″ by 8 1/4″.

  17. BigBrainz101 says:

    :O You are amazing at that. You are going to make a fortune

  18. CraftySaurus says:

    Some of these wallets I have in my storenvy (I will put the link in the
    description). But if you want wallets that are not in my store, just tell
    me which ones you would like and I can create a listing for you :)

  19. icegirl392 says:

    So many wallets! Damn gurl, I just want them all XD (i’ll be waiting)
    *creeper stare* trololol

  20. Fairytale says:

    She said in the video why..

  21. blueducttape11 says:

    I’m subscribing to u will u subscribe to me?

  22. Domis Crafts says:

    cute!!! but u r kinda pricey

  23. kittycutie1212 says:

    where did you get your snake skin duct tape i really like it

  24. Jacel Sanchez says:

    im from Canada too and i love Tim Hortons!!

  25. Edith Gallardo says:

    Do you know where I could be able to find the plastic for the I.D.? I’ve
    been looking at different places but I haven’t been able to find any!

  26. Sophie Lichtenstein says:

    how do u pm?